Alberta Airsheds Council (AAC) is a partnership of Alberta’s Airsheds and provides leadership in support of healthy air quality for Albertans and the environment.

Don't Idle on the Bench

Just like a hockey player getting ready for a game, cars warm up better when moving.

Show our newest fun video about needless idling in your classroom or at your next community meeting. 

End The Horror Of Mindless Idling

You can contribute to healthy air quality with a simple act: reduce vehicle idling. Did you know that turning off your vehicle can also stop a zombie invasion? Watch this video to see how!

Healthy Communities Breathe Freely


Alberta’s Airsheds operate in local Alberta communities to monitor the quality of the air we breathe. Data from Airshed monitoring stations contributes to the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) which can help you understand how current air quality can impact your health.

Learn more about AQHI, the health risks of poor air quality and what you can do to protect yourself.

Did you know that poor air quality can affect your health and the health of the environment?

Be a Champion of Clean Air

Your everyday individual actions can clean up the air and make the environment healthier for everyone.

Fine particulate matter can be emitted by the burning of fuels. This can include burning gasoline or diesel fuel in vehicle engines, burning fuels or products in industry and burning wood such as campfires.

These fine particles are small enough to breathe into the lungs and can potentially be a human health concern.

Watch this video to learn how you can clean up the air today.

Alberta's Airsheds

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