Smarter Driving, Cleaner Air

If all Canadian drivers practised smart driving, we could prevent six billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Smart Drive Challenge is a free program that teaches you how to drive smarter, reduce fuel consumption, save money and lower the impact of your vehicle on the environment.

By providing you with easy-to-implement information, tools and training, you’ll change your driving habits. The program teaches you to:

·       become a more efficient driver, saving money on fuel and vehicle maintenance

·       improve your vehicle’s performance, getting more mileage for your dollar

·       explore new vehicle technology and sustainable transportation options

Start by completing a short online training course, called ecoDriving Online. Once completed, you’ll be given a survey that challenges you to put your training to the test.

After that, you’ll be given access to other courses and training resources which you can choose and complete at your own pace. Plus, you’ll be eligible for cash prizes.

Smart Drive Challenge is a program delivered by the non-profit Scout Environmental and is supported by the Canadian Fuels Association.

To support clean air and reduce the impact of your driving, register for free today at

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